La Boutique Obscure: 124 Dreams

La Boutique Obscure: 124 Dreams

Georges Perec

The beguiling, never-before-translated dream diary of Georges Perec

In La Boutique Obscure Perec once more revolutionized literary shape, developing the world’s first “nocturnal autobiography.” From 1968 till 1972—the interval whilst he wrote his so much famous works—the liked French stylist recorded his desires. yet as you could anticipate, his process was once faraway from orthodox.

Avoiding the hazy psychoanalysis of such a lot dream journals, he challenged himself to translate his visions and unconscious churnings at once into prose. In laying down the nonsensical leaps of the mind's eye, he reveals new methods  to specific the feel and ambiguity of dreams—those characteristics that end up so elusive.

Beyond taking pictures a common adventure for the 1st time and being an excellent record of literary invention, La Boutique Obscure contains the seeds of a few of Perec’s most famed books. it's also an intimate portrait of 1 of the nice innovators of contemporary literature.

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