King Suckerman

King Suckerman

The time is 1976.  Captain Beefheart's at the eight-track.  The sizzling new superfly flick King Suckerman is coming to local theaters.  And Washington, D.C., is a hotbed of substances and racial tension--an effortless position to show a flawed nook and land in plenty of trouble.  

That's what occurs to Marcus Clay and Dimitri Karras after they go paths with an ex-con and his gang of typical born killers.  Walking right into a drug deal long gone south, Clay and Karras prove with a pile of cash that may not theirs...the attractive teenage female friend of the Italian dealer...and significant trouble.  The ex-con is quickly spilling blood to get to the cash.  The broker is scheming to get his lady back.  And knockaround men named Clay and Karras are attaining a pivotal moment--the time to take a stand, cross immediately, and get justice.  Or perhaps simply candy revenge.

In this hot mystery, George Pelecanos writes with a firecracker in his prose, taking pictures sparks on each web page and incomes his position one of the stars of crime fiction.

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