Jupiter's Bones: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels)

Jupiter's Bones: A Decker/Lazarus Novel (Decker/Lazarus Novels)

Faye Kellerman

Preeminent astrophysicist Dr. Emil Euler Ganz vanished with none caution to his kinfolk or colleagues, purely to reappear fifteen years later as "Father Jupiter," founder and charismatic chief of the medical cult the Order of the earrings of God. Now he is dead—a vial of napping drugs and an empty bottle of vodka status close to his dead body.

Was Ganz's demise an twist of fate? Suicide? Or did somebody hasten Jupiter upfront out of this global? those are the questions LAPD Lieutenant Peter Decker is decided to respond to as he enters the cult's fortress-like compound. in the meantime, the mysterious disappearance of an Order acolyte and a baby turns an already risky scenario even uglier, and Decker will want the knowledge and aid of his spouse, Rina Lazarus, to defuse a ticking time bomb of jealousy, greed, and lies earlier than it explodes, destroying a mess of erroneous grownup lives and rankings of blameless kids.

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