Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters

Jokes: Philosophical Thoughts on Joking Matters

Ted Cohen

Abe and his good friend Sol are out for a stroll jointly in part of city they have not been in sooner than. Passing a Christian church, they observe a curious register entrance that claims "$1,000 to an individual who will convert." "I ask yourself what that is about," says Abe. "I imagine i'm going to pass in and take a look. i will be again in a minute; simply watch for me."

Sol sits at the sidewalk bench and waits patiently for almost part an hour. ultimately, Abe reappears.

"Well," asks Sol, "what are they as much as? who're they attempting to convert? Why do they care? Did you get the $1,000?"

Indignantly Abe replies, "Money. that is all you humans care about."

Ted Cohen thinks that isn't a nasty shaggy dog story. yet he additionally does not imagine it is a simple comic story. For a listener or reader to chuckle at Abe's conversion, a sophisticated set of stipulations has to be met. First, a listener has to acknowledge that Abe and Sol are Jewish names. moment, that listener needs to be accustomed to the common concept that Jews are extra drawn to cash than the rest. and eventually, the listener must recognize this data just before the comic story, and with no a person telling her or him. Jokes, briefly, are advanced transactions during which groups are cast, intimacy is obtainable, and in a different way offensive stereotypes and cliches lose their sting—at least sometimes.

Jokes is a e-book of jokes and a booklet approximately them. Cohen loves a very good snicker, yet as a thinker, he's additionally attracted to how jokes paintings, why they paintings, and after they do not. The pride on the finish of a funny story is the results of a fancy set of stipulations and procedures, and Cohen takes us via those stipulations in a philosophical exploration of humor. He considers questions of viewers, number of funny story themes, the ethnic personality of jokes, and their morality, all with lots of examples that would make you both laugh or wince.

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