John Lennon: In His Own Words

John Lennon: In His Own Words

Ken Lawrence

As author, actor, and activist, his phrases and tune formed a iteration. John Lennon: In His personal Words is a becoming tribute to a guy who replaced the area along with his track and his message.

John Lennon encouraged hundreds of thousands in the course of his too-brief lifetime. First with the Beatles, then as a solo artist, thinker, and peace activist, he spoke for a iteration that believed they can switch the area, and did. Now his phrases are preserved in a good-looking hardcover quantity that would contact his many fanatics and enlighten a brand new generation.

* "Imagine all of the humans residing lifestyles in peace. you could say i am a dreamer, yet i am not the single one. i'm hoping sometime you are going to sign up for us, and the realm could be as one."

* "My function in society, or any artist's or poet's function, is to aim and show what all of us believe. to not inform humans the best way to consider. now not as a preacher, no longer as a pace-setter, yet as a mirrored image people all."

* "You're simply left with your self forever, no matter what you do besides. you have to get right down to your individual God on your personal temple. it is all right down to you, mate."

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