Jacobin, Issue 15/16: Paint the Town Red (Fall 2014)

Jacobin, Issue 15/16: Paint the Town Red (Fall 2014)

concerning the journal:

Jacobin is a number one voice of the yank left, delivering socialist views on politics, economics, and tradition. The print journal is published quarterly and reaches over 6,000 subscribers, as well as an online viewers of 300,000 a month.

About the issue:

In this factor, we discover how neoliberalism creeps into the town within the kind of enjoyable and video games, from SimCity to the Olympics; how deepest estate earnings flooring as public housing is destroyed and new existence types are created; and the way builders and traders suck up earnings via wonky zoning legislation and financing schemes. underneath innovative technocracy lurks the mechanics of sophistication society.

We glance to the socialist towns of the previous and people to come back. We goal to reclaim town as an area for fight and soli- darity in pursuit of wants and needs: public housing, parks, first rate paintings, and abundant rest — with the opportunity of an occasional get away. to gain the city’s emancipatory promise would require mass pursuits led by way of staff, chal- lenges to estate rights in its many kinds, and collective feminist reimaginings of city house and work.

This activity of our new release of socialists is to make this substitute a fact — relocating past the creative-class politics of Richard Florida into the renewed working-class politics of the future.

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