Island of Exiles (Sugawara Akitada Mysteries, No. 5)

Island of Exiles (Sugawara Akitada Mysteries, No. 5)

I. J. Parker

In I.J. Parker's latest secret set in eleventh-century Japan, Akitada disguises himself as a prisoner to resolve the, homicide of a prince

As her viewers grows with every one evocative historic mystery that includes Sugawara Akitada, I. J. Parker returns with a gripping story of political intrigue and cold-blooded homicide in old Japan. while the exiled Prince Okisada, the main illustrious prisoner of the penal colony on Sado Island, is poisoned, Akitada is termed upon by way of the emperor's envoys to enquire incognito. Posing as a prisoner, he discovers a dangerous conspiracy, in simple terms to fall into the fingers of brutal guards and disappear. It falls to Tora, Akitada's committed assistant, to start his personal risky seek of the island for his misplaced pal and the reality.

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