Ireland 1649-52: Cromwell’s Protestant Crusade (Campaign, Volume 213)

Ireland 1649-52: Cromwell’s Protestant Crusade (Campaign, Volume 213)

Michael McNally

Osprey's research of Oliver Cromwell's campaigns through the finish of the English Civil conflict (1642-1651). Following the execution of King Charles I in January 1649, the English Parliament observed their chance to release an attack at the Royalist enclave in eire. Oliver Cromwell was once appointed as Deputy of eire to guide a crusade to revive direct regulate and quell the accomplice opposition.

The first conflict in Cromwell's bloody offensive was once at Drogheda, the place an attack at the urban partitions ended in the slaughter of just about 4000 defenders and population. The Parliamentary troops then proceeded to Wexford the place conflict once more result in a bloodbath. After Cromwell back to England, his son-in-law, Henry Ireton, persisted the operation which ended with the hand over of Galway in 1652 and resulted in the Act for the payment of eire, within which Irish Royalists and Confederates have been evicted and their lands 'settled' via those that had complex money to Parliament.

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