Paul Dickson

A clever, hilarious, and lavishly illustrated advisor to the main euphemised observe within the English language: Drunk

A record-breaking assemblage of 2,964 alternative ways to claim "drunk." Tipsy, roasted, 3 sheets, whazooed and Boris Yeltsinned are only the beginning....With an creation by means of the wise-guy lexicographer himself, Paul Dickson, and illustrations via popular artist Brian Rea.

Dickson, who holds the Guiness international Record for accumulating the main phrases for being, er, no longer sober, not just offers a dictionary of these phrases, yet unearths why there are such a lot of synonyms for being "drunk," and the way he got here to gather extra of them than someone else.

The phrases are annotated, too, and lushly illustrated, explaining the twist and turns of a language that has millions of the way to claim an analogous factor. How, for instance, does a notice like "blotto" cross from the lips of P.G. Wodehouse, into the writings of Edmund Wilson, earlier than touchdown with Otto from The Simpson's ("My identify is Otto, i admire to get blotto").

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