Inside Animal Minds: The New Science of Animal Intelligence

Inside Animal Minds: The New Science of Animal Intelligence

Mary Roach, Peter Miller, Virgina Morell

The Animal Intelligence Bundle:

“Minds in their Own” through Virginia Morell (March 2008)
“Almost Human” via Mary Roach (April 2008)
“The Genius of Swarms” by way of Peter Miller (July 2007)

In “Minds in their Own,” Virginia Morell offers an outline of the technology of animal intelligence. She introduces you to an African grey parrot named Alex, a bonobo named Kanzi, and a border collie named Betsy. each one of those animals tells us anything attention-grabbing in regards to the manner they understand and manage their international. the item additionally seems to be at what scientists are studying concerning the intelligence of dolphins and crows, past mere communication.

In “Almost Human,” Mary Roach takes us to the savannahs of Senegal to satisfy a gaggle of 34 chimpanzees, whose habit and social buildings have given scientists a few very important clues in regards to the nature in their communique and intelligence.

In “The Genius of Swarms,” Peter Miller appears to be like on the collective habit of ants, bees, and different bugs for what they could let us know approximately social association and the way occasionally intelligence lies outdoor of the person mind. this text served because the foundation for his publication, The clever Swarm: How figuring out Flocks, faculties, and Colonies could make Us greater at speaking, determination Making, and Getting issues performed.

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