Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear

Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear

Andre Vltchek

Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear is an engaging and now and then unsettling trip into the world's such a lot populous Muslim state because it struggles to emerge from a long time of dictatorship and the plunder of its ordinary resources.

Andre Vltchek brings jointly greater than a decade of investigative journalism in and round Indonesia to chart the new historical past of the rustic, from the revolution which overthrew basic Suharto's genocidal dictatorship in 1998 to the current day. He covers the complete breadth of the rustic from Islamic Aceh to regularly Catholic East Timor.

Tracing Indonesia's present difficulties again to Suharto's coup and the genocide of 1965 – and the help given by way of the West to Suharto – Vltchek offers an intimate and deeply humane perception into the hopes and fears of Indonesia's people.

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