In Good Faith

In Good Faith

Saba Naqvi

attractive and eloquent, In solid religion makes an excellent case for pluralism in India via examples of groups that stay in excellent communal concord with one another.

In an age whilst the belief of the non secular group depends upon stereotypes and outdated fault strains, Saba Naqvi takes a trip around the nation looking for her personal identification between humans, groups and shrines that problem our predetermined notions of what makes a Muslim or a Hindu. alongside the way in which, she reveals areas and other people at the outer edge of absolute identities, culling out a distinct house for themselves in an orthodox, exclusivist society. In reliable religion is a journalistic account of the invention of an India that now and then defies trust the India of far off shrines in old fashioned little areas, and of groups and people who achieve out to a standard God. From the Muslim woodland goddess of Bengal to an unknown aspect of the Shivaji legend in Maharashtra; from the disputed origins of the Shirdi Sai Baba to shrines around the land which are either temple and dargah this publication indicates how, in those little wallet, the assumption of a tolerant India nonetheless survives. those ignored flooring realities, argues the writer, those little islands of pluralism, track, artwork and tradition, may possibly but offer a counter to fundamentalism.

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