Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World

Identification Guide to the Ant Genera of the World

Barry Bolton

From subarctic tundra to equatorial rainforest, deep within the soil and on the tip of the top tree, ants are came across internationally. This publication, by way of the world's best ant taxonomist, bargains a definitive consultant for deciding on those ubiquitous insects.

Barry Bolton offers id keys to all of the residing ant subfamilies and genera, awarded in alphabetical order and separated through zoogeographical zone. Designed for pro and beginner myrmecologists alike, this consultant is as available because it is complete, together with info at the functionality and use of id keys, directions for getting ready specimens for exam, and an illustrated word list of morphological phrases. Over 500 scanning electron microscope photos illustrate the taxonomic keys.

Bolton introduces every one subfamily with a prognosis of the crowd, via synoptic classifications of all genera inside every one subfamily, notes on wide distribution, and an inventory of references to all species-rank courses beneficial to id. He additionally offers a brief precis of the extinct subfamilies and incorporates a list of each identify ever proposed within the class of ants, from the rank of relations all the way down to subgenus, exhibiting the present prestige and utilization of each.

An up-to-date and exhaustively accelerated revision of the taxonomic keys present in Hölldobler and Wilson's The Ants, Bolton's id advisor takes its position along that landmark paintings because the beginning for the learn of ants for a few years to come.

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