Hunger of Memory : The Education of Richard Rodriguez

Hunger of Memory : The Education of Richard Rodriguez

Richard Rodriguez

Hunger of Memory is the tale of Mexican-American Richard Rodriguez, who starts his education in Sacramento, California, understanding simply 50 phrases of English, and concludes his collage experiences within the stately quiet of the analyzing room of the British Museum.

Here is the poignant trip of a “minority pupil” who can pay the price of his social assimilation and educational good fortune with a painful alienation — from his previous, his mom and dad, his tradition — and so describes the excessive expense of “making it” in middle-class the USA.

Provocative in its positions on affirmative motion and bilingual schooling, Hunger of Memory is a robust political assertion, a profound research of the significance of language ... and the relocating, intimate portrait of a boy suffering to develop into a guy.

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