Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty

Humblebrag: The Art of False Modesty

Harris Wittels

From comic and author (Parks and activity, Eastbound & Down) Harris Wittels comes a hysterical breakdown of boasts, brags, and self-adulation disguised as humble reviews and complaints-based on his well known @humblebrag Twitter feed.

Something instantly pissed off Harris Wittels approximately Twitter. abruptly it was once applicable to gloat, as long as these brags have been ever-so-thinly disguised as obvious humility, such as:

"Just filed my taxes. Biggie was once correct, mo funds mo problems."

"I hate while i am going right into a shop to get anything to devour and the male employees are too busy hitting on me to get my order correct :( so annoying!"

Taking motion by way of naming this phenomenon and developing the Twitter account referred to as Humblebrag-dedicated completely to retweeting the humblebrags of others-Wittels's new observe took the web through typhoon. Harris additionally exhibits readers what humblebrags may possibly appear like from a few of history's so much impressive names, in addition to devoting a whole bankruptcy to a guy who simply will be the best humblebraggart of them all...

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