How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization

Thomas E. Woods

Ask a person this present day the place Western Civilization originated, and she may possibly say Greece or Rome. yet what's the final resource of Western Civilization? Bestselling writer and professor Thomas E. Woods, Jr. offers the lengthy overlooked resolution: the Catholic Church. within the new paperback version of his critically-acclaimed publication, How the Catholic Church outfitted Western Civilization, Woods is going some distance past the generic story of priests copying manuscripts and keeping the knowledge of classical antiquity. presents akin to glossy technology, free-market economics, artwork, tune, and the belief of human rights come from the Catholic Church, explains Woods. In How the Catholic Church equipped Western Civilization, you’ll learn:
  • Why smooth technological know-how used to be born within the Catholic Church
  • How Catholic clergymen built the belief of free-market economics years sooner than Adam Smith
  • How the Catholic Church invented the university
  • Why what you recognize in regards to the Galileo affair is wrong
  • How Western legislations grew out of Church canon law
  • How the Church humanized the West by means of insisting at the sacredness of all human life

No establishment has performed extra to form Western civilization than the two-thousand-year-old Catholic Church—and in ways in which many people have forgotten or by no means identified. How the Catholic Church outfitted Western Civilization is vital analyzing for improving this misplaced truth.

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