House Corrino (Dune: House Trilogy, Book 3)

House Corrino (Dune: House Trilogy, Book 3)

Brian Herbert, Kevin J. Anderson

The successful end to the blockbuster trilogy that made technological know-how fiction history!

In Dune: apartment Corrino Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson deliver us the marvelous ultimate bankruptcy within the unforgettable saga began in Dune: residence Atreides and persevered in Dune: condominium Harkonnen.

Here nobles and commoners, infantrymen and slaves, other halves and courtesans form the superb future of a tumultuous universe. An epic saga of affection and conflict, crime and politics, faith and revolution, this tremendous novel is a becoming end to a superb technological know-how fiction trilogy ... and a useful addition to the exciting global of Frank Herbert’s immortal Dune.

Dune: residence Corrino

Fearful of wasting his precarious carry at the Golden Lion Throne, Shaddam IV, Emperor of 1000000 Worlds, has devised an intensive scheme to advance an alternative choice to melange, the addictive spice that binds the Imperium jointly and that may be discovered purely at the wilderness international of Dune.

In subterranean labs at the computer planet Ix, merciless Tleilaxu overlords use slaves and prisoners as a part of a awful plan to fabricate a man-made type of melange referred to as amal. If amal can supplant the spice from Dune, it's going to supply Shaddam what he seeks: absolute power.

But Duke Leto Atreides, grief-stricken but unbowed via the tragic dying of his son Victor, decided to revive the glory and status of his residence, has his personal plans for Ix.

He will loose the Ixians from their oppressive conquerors and repair his pal Prince Rhombur, injured scion of the disgraced residence Vernius, to his rightful position as Ixian ruler. it's a daring and dicy enterprise, for condominium Atreides has constrained army assets and plenty of ruthless enemies, together with the sadistic Baron Harkonnen, despotic grasp of Dune.

Meanwhile, Duke Leto’s consort, the gorgeous woman Jessica, obeying the orders of her superiors within the Bene Gesserit Sisterhood, has conceived a baby that the Sisterhood intends to be the penultimate step within the construction of an omnipotent being. but what the Sisterhood doesn’t be aware of is that the kid Jessica is sporting isn't the lady they're anticipating, yet a boy.

Jessica’s act of disobedience is an act of affection — her try and supply her Duke with a male inheritor to deal with Atreides — yet an act that, while chanced on, may kill either mom and child.

Like the Bene Gesserit, Shaddam Corrino is usually curious about creating a plan for the long run — securing his legacy. Blinded via his desire for energy, the Emperor will release a plot opposed to Dune, the single traditional resource of real spice. If he succeeds, his insanity will bring about a cataclysmic tragedy now not even he foresees: the tip of area commute, the Imperium, and civilization itself.

With Duke Leto and different renegades and revolutionaries struggling with to stem the tide of darkness that threatens to engulf their universe, the degree is decided for a showdown in contrast to any noticeable before.

From the Hardcover edition.

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