Hot Fudge

Hot Fudge

Anthony Bruno

Loretta Kovacs and Frank Marvelli, the fugitive-hunting heroes of Devil's Food and Double Espresso are again in one other horny, savvy yarn of lowlifes at the lam -- and the quirky characters who hunt them down.

Partners -- and fans eventually -- Frank and Loretta frequently bust parole violators for the hot Jersey leap Squad. yet their off-hours dating runs right into a couple of curvaceous velocity bumps within the kind of Vissa (short for Elvissa) Mylowe, a fellow PO and previous flame of Frank's who's simply too out-an-out impossible to resist for Loretta's piece of brain. whilst Vissa "borrows" Frank to aid her song down a infamous occupation legal who has surfaced in San Francisco, Loretta can not help trailing the pair all of the strategy to California, simply to control them.

'Frisco is some distance from Jersey, in additional methods than simply miles, and Loretta and Frank quickly locate themselves in a sticky, difficult imbroglio regarding a murderous menage a trois, a bisexual chinese language dominatrix, the I Ching, and the key aspect in Elmer Fudge Whirl ice cream.

Can a spanking new romance, and out of date highway smarts, live on the hot Age twists and temptations of California? Or will Loretta's middle -- in addition to the remainder of her very important organs -- be flooring up into dogfood?

Hot Fudge is a tasty, non-fattening felony confection that may depart your mouth watering for more.

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