Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Homefront: The Voice of Freedom

Raymond Benson

house is the place THE conflict IS
the US can be reeling from unending recessions and crippling oil wars, yet hack reporter Ben Walker by no means anticipated to work out his place of birth invaded and occupied via a reunified Korea—now a powerful global energy lower than Kim Jong-il’s dictator son.

The enemy’s huge cyberattack is by means of the detonation of an electromagnetic pulse that destroys expertise around the usa. Communications, guns, and safeguard structures are rendered dead; millions perish as cars without notice lose energy and passenger jets plummet to the ground. 

Fleeing the chaos of la, Walker discovers that even if America’s army has been scattered, its battling spirit continues to be. Walker joins the warriors as they head east around the barren region, fighting Korean patrols—and quickly reveals his own venture. Walker reinvents himself because the Voice of Freedom, broadcasting details and enemy positions to civilian Resistance cells through guerrilla radio.  

But Walker’s publicizes have additionally reached the ears of the enemy. Korea dispatches its deadliest warrior to seek the Voice of Freedom and overwhelm the ever-growing Resistance prior to it may mount a brand new battle for American liberty.

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