Hipster Hitler

Hipster Hitler

Archana Kumar

In a contest of the main hated memes of recent occasions, "Hipster" has now stuck up with "Hitler." Artists James Carr and Archana Kumar notion, why now not mix the 2? in spite of everything, Hitler used to be certainly a hipster of his time, a failed artist in Vienna scrounging up additional cash or kroner portray speedy structure scenes for the tourists.

In their seriously trafficked web site, "hipsterhitler.com," those comedian artists posit a brand new type of background during which Hitler, wears Silverlake-trendy glasses, thrift shop sweaters, and outspoken T-shirts, and the reader starts to fast comprehend the background of Hitler in a brand new and surprisingly enticing way.

The Feral residence publication of Hipster Hitler features a few dozen pages of comics heretofore unseen online.

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