Her Scandalous Affair

Her Scandalous Affair

Candice Hern

After this decree from his grandmother,Richard, Viscount Mallory, is going insearch of the long-lost kinfolk heirloom. think his shock while he spots the beautiful heart-shaped ruby brooch at the bosom of the both beautiful girl Isabel Weymouth! may perhaps this well known younger socialite really be a jewel thief?

Richard is set that the brooch be again to his family members. So while a chance offers itself, he pilfers the jewel from the lady's bed room, yet is surprised whilst she steals it again the very subsequent day! essentially the enthralling Isabel is a extra ambitious opponent than he imagined, and the previous soldier reveals himself combating wits and wills with the fascinating temptress. ardour ignites among them as the contest heats up, and all of sudden there's greater than a ruby brooch at stake during this online game of hearts.

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