Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics

Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics

Jonathan Goldman

the 1st publication to provide an explanation for from either clinical and religious views the therapeutic and transformative powers of harmonics.

• comprises useful routines demonstrating find out how to use sound in therapeutic and meditation, together with "Vowels as Mantras" and "Overtoning".

• Describes how harmonics can be utilized as "sonic yoga" for meditation and deep leisure to reinforce strength.

• writer received 1999 Visionary Awards for most sensible Healing-Meditation Album.

The secret colleges of Egypt, Greece, and Rome understood that vibration is the basic lively strength within the universe and constructed particular chants and tones for therapeutic the brain, physique, and spirit and reaching altered states of awareness. Overtone chanting--also known as vocal harmonics--is the power of the human voice to create or extra notes even as. Healing Sounds explains the way to practice vocal harmonics and adventure their transformative and healing powers. 

An across the world famous grasp instructor, the writer presents different examples of sound therapeutic platforms incorporating either mystical and scientific traditions--from Tibetan priests' use of tantric harmonics to Dr. Alfred Tomatis' use of Gregorian chanting--and their means to impact us on all degrees. With many easy-to-follow routines, Healing Sounds is the 1st e-book to teach from either the medical and religious viewpoints easy methods to use the transformative strength of sound for therapeutic on actual, emotional, psychological, and non secular degrees.

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