Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories

Headless Males Make Great Lovers: And Other Unusual Natural Histories

The flora and fauna is full of diverse—not to say quirky and odd—animal behaviors. examine the male praying mantis that maintains to mate after being beheaded; the spiders, bugs, and birds that supply presents of meals in go back for intercourse; the male hip-pocket frog that includes his personal tadpoles; the infant spiders that dine on their mom; the beetle that craves excrement; or the starfish that sheds an arm or to flee a predator's grasp.

Headless men Make nice fanatics and different strange typical Histories celebrates the extreme international of animals with essays on curious creatures and their notable behaviors. In 5 thematic chapters, Marty Crump—a tropical box biologist renowned for her paintings with the reproductive habit of amphibians—examines the weird behavior of animals as they mate, guardian, feed, shield themselves, and converse. Crump's enthusiasm for the weird behaviors she describes-from intercourse swap and loose love in sponges to aphrodisiac concoctions in bats-is noticeable on each web page, due to her expert storytelling, which makes even sea slugs, dung beetles, ticks, and tapeworms interesting and beautiful. Steeped in biology, Headless men Make nice Lovers issues out that various and unrelated animals frequently percentage doubtless strange behaviors—evidence, Crump argues, that those usual histories, notwithstanding outwardly bizarre, are winning methods of living.

Illustrated all through, and choked with vignettes of private and medical curiosity, Headless men Make nice Lovers will enchant the final reader with its stories of blood-squirting horned lizards and intestine-ejecting sea cucumbers—all within the carrier of a better appreciation of the range of the average histories of animals.

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