Gone Bamboo

Gone Bamboo

Anthony Bourdain

Gone Bamboo pits Henry, a CIA-trained murderer, and Frances, his hard-nosed, hard-bodied spouse opposed to governments and a cross-dressing mafioso. Henry and Frances have long past bamboo-living an idyllic, retired existence within the Caribbean-but whilst Donnie, a strong capo relocated by way of the Federal Witness defense application, inadvertently jeopardizes their plan, all hell breaks unfastened. even though Henry as soon as attempted to kill Donnie, the 2 sign up for forces opposed to the transvestite mob boss seeking to ace Donnie. yet issues are usually not going to be so easy...

Written in Anthony Bourdain's signature style-raucous, humorous, a section vicious, and regularly enjoyable- Gone Bamboo is a banquet of homicide, hitmen, and the hitwomen they love. similar to Dashiell Hammet's Nick and Nora, Bourdain's Henry and Frances are a tough-talking, not going couple that would win you over-if they do not kill you first.

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