Going Postal (Discworld)

Going Postal (Discworld)

Terry Pratchett

Suddenly, condemned arch-swindler wet von Lipwig stumbled on himself with a noose round his neck and losing via a trapdoor into ... a central authority job?

By all rights, wet will be assembly his maker instead of being provided a place as Postmaster by means of Lord Vetinari, splendid ruler of Ankh-Morpork. Getting the moribund Postal provider up and working back, notwithstanding, might end up an very unlikely activity, what with actually mountains of decades-old undelivered mail clogging each corner and cranny of the broken-down publish place of work. Worse nonetheless, wet may swear the mail is speaking to him. Worst of all, it skill taking up the gargantuan, grasping Grand Trunk clacks conversation monopoly and its bloodthirsty piratical headman. but when the daring and undoable are what is referred to as for, Moist's the guy for the task -- to maneuver the mail, proceed respiring, get the lady, and in particular bring that necessary commodity that each being, human or in a different way, calls for: hope.

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