God probably doesn't exist

God probably doesn't exist

Patrick Lindenfors

This publication is ready no longer believing in God.

It’s that easy. God most likely doesn’t exist.

The first individual to invent a god immediately grew to become all those that didn't invent gods into non-believers.?It continues to be that means; everyone seems to be born a non-believer. Believing in a god is anything you must examine. not anyone believes in all gods. (No one even understands the names of all gods.) most folk think in nearly no gods. those who don't believe in any gods simply upload yet another god to the checklist of gods they don’t think in. the matter is if one faith is right, the others has to be fake. You don’t must be a non-believer to appreciate that – the religions say so themselves.

Patrick Lindenfors has written a wise and funny ebook approximately no longer believing. Targetting usually teens, the publication urges readers to imagine for themselves. The illustrations are made by way of Vanja Schelin.

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