God of Tarot (Tarot, Book 1)

God of Tarot (Tarot, Book 1)

Piers Anthony

God of Tarot opens just like the set-up for a Clifford D. Simak e-book: just about all of Earth has fled for the celebrities, fueled through the know-how of topic transmission. Earth is left depopulated and stripped of all power assets, with in basic terms the remnants left to maintain the sunshine burning.

Brother Paul is a monk of the Holy Order of imaginative and prescient. His existence goes as deliberate, till without warning he's given a project. God, or whatever love it, is seemingly manifesting on a planet known as Tarot. Paul is tasked with attending to the ground of the animations and very likely making the choice as to whose God is the published God...

Author's Note:
This quarter-million-word novel of Tarot is released in 3 segments. this is often the hole component of the bigger paintings, developing the placement and protecting the 1st significant imaginative and prescient. It has its personal team spirit, so should be learn on my own, even though it truly is was hoping the reader might be adequate to peruse Books II and III also.

This novel pertains to the author's Cluster sequence of adventures, with a couple of interconnections, yet is of fairly a distinct nature; the 2 tasks shouldn't be confused.

The complicated nature of this novel could lead to confusion in sure locations, and a few scenes should be offensive to convinced readers. but there's a intent: it truly is tough to understand the that means of the heights with no first experiencing the depths.

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