God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—and Why Their Differences Matter

God Is Not One: The Eight Rival Religions That Run the World—and Why Their Differences Matter

Stephen Prothero

on the sunrise of the twenty-first century, dizzying clinical and technological developments, interconnected globalized economies, or even the so-called New Atheists have performed not anything to alter something: our global is still furiously spiritual. For sturdy and for evil, faith is the only maximum impression on this planet. We settle for as self-evident that competing monetary platforms (capitalist or communist) or clashing political events (Republican or Democratic) suggest very various options to our planet's difficulties. So why can we fake that the world's spiritual traditions are diversified paths to a similar God? We blur the pointy differences among religions at our personal peril, argues faith student Stephen Prothero, and it's time to change naÏve hopes of interreligious cohesion with deeper wisdom of non secular differences.

In non secular Literacy, Prothero verified how little american citizens find out about their very own spiritual traditions and why the world's religions may be taught in public faculties. Now, in God isn't really One, Prothero offers readers with this much-needed content material approximately all the 8 nice religions. to say that each one religions are an identical is to misconceive that every makes an attempt to unravel a unique human challenge. For example:

--Islam: the matter is satisfaction / the answer is submission
--Christianity: the matter is sin / the answer is salvation
--Confucianism: the matter is chaos / the answer is social order
--Buddhism: the matter is soreness / the answer is awakening
--Judaism: the matter is exile / the answer is to come to God

Prothero unearths each one of those traditions by itself phrases to create an vital consultant for a person who desires to higher comprehend the massive questions people have requested for millennia--and the disparate paths we're taking to respond to them at the present time. A daring polemical reaction to a iteration of erroneous scholarship, God isn't really One creates a brand new context for knowing faith within the twenty-first century and disproves the assumptions so much people make concerning the manner the world's religions paintings.

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