Ghost Sea: A Novel (Dugger/Nello Series)

Ghost Sea: A Novel (Dugger/Nello Series)

"It's Joseph Conrad meets Elmore Leonard."―Vancouver Sun

A spellbinding story of the ocean: love, homicide, and mysticism: on the flip of the century, a Kwakiutl warrior from British Columbia's wild northern islands raids an artifact collector's yacht to reclaim stolen sacred mask. he's taking the collector's spouse, Kate, as hostage on his 200-mile canoe voyage domestic. The collector hires Dugger, a coastal dealer residing at the edges of the legislation, to provide chase in his ketch with the collector as passenger, yet Dugger's monetary salvation comes at a poor rate, for he's Kate's mystery lover. Day and evening Dugger sails the uncharted islands, via raging currents and ship-swallowing whirlpools, and the account of his pursuit is interwoven with Kate's harrowing and erotically charged journey.

according to a real tale, this novel reaches its exciting climax on the final mystery, hallucinatory potlatch of the traditional Kwakiutl tradition, the place the historical past of a doomed humans is melded with the fury of 3 hearts.

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