Genesis: Translation and Commentary

Genesis: Translation and Commentary

"[Here is] ?the ?Genesis for our new release and beyond."―Robert Fagles

Genesis starts with the making of heaven and earth and all existence, and ends with a dead ringer for a mummy―Joseph's―in a coffin. In among come a few of the primal tales in Western tradition: Adam and Eve's expulsion from the backyard of Eden, Cain's homicide of Abel, Noah and the Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham's binding of Isaac, the covenant of God and Abraham, Isaac's blessing of Jacob in preference to Esau, the saga of Joseph and his brothers.

In Robert Alter's remarkable translation, those tales cohere in a robust narrative of the tortuous family members among fathers and sons, husbands and other halves, eldest and more youthful brothers, God and his selected humans, the folk of Israel and their pals. Alter's translation honors the meanings and literary options of the traditional Hebrew and conveys them in fluent English prose. It recovers a Genesis with the continuity of subject matter and motif of a unconditionally conceived and entirely learned e-book. His insightful, totally proficient observation illuminates the e-book in all its dimensions.

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