Mulla Asghar Ali M. Jaffer - XKP

If we research the topics of FIQH intimately, we discover that all of them is unusual and singular in itself. the various legislation relate to the traditional urge in people to adore and worship. It publications us to worship none yet Allah, within the prescribed shape, looking His excitement. Then there are legislation which recommended us to serve, be priceless and important to human society, while maintaining our obedience to Allah. those are Zakat, Khums, our social and political tasks, Jihad, Amr bil Ma'roof and Nahy anil Munkar, education in martial arts etc.

Other legislation enunciate man's tasks in the direction of oneself like refraining from suicide or harming oneself or maybe averting celibacy. definite legislation care for human existence with regards to nature surrounding him like nutrients, beverages, looking, slaughtering, clothes, use of utensils etc. Then there are legislation of judiciary, requital and repayment. As for private existence, Fiqh publications us in concerns of NIKAH, TALAQ, DHIHAR, and LIAN. In issues of economic climate and incomes one's bread, there are principles governing enterprise, partnership, silent partnerships, financial disaster and so on. Fiqh additionally offers with such flexible acts like Haj which except being an act of worship, is a chance of solidarity, collaboration and a world conference.

In spite of this variety, FIQH has one unmarried goal. to steer people to happiness on the earth, conjoining it with salvation within the hereafter. for that reason, FIQH is taken into account as one, composite technology of ISLAM and is taught as such within the Hawzas. the foundation of FIQH is the Holy Quran, the sound Traditions, Consensus and cause. A FAQEEH seems to be on the varied part of FIQH as elements interwoven into one textile, with a unmarried objective to steer mankind in appreciate of its tasks and duties in the direction of Allah.



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