'Fight Through': The New, Map Illustrated, Edition (Armageddon's Song Book 3)

'Fight Through': The New, Map Illustrated, Edition (Armageddon's Song Book 3)


quantity three of a five quantity Series:

The international is at warfare, from the steamy jungles of South the United States to the excessive ice of mountain glaciers.

This is the 3rd ebook in a 5 half story of individuals lower than fingers, on either side of a narrative that is going even extra than Tom Clancy's vintage, a very international international struggle.

NATO gained the conflict of the Atlantic at poor price, and never merely in males, ladies and fabric yet to the planet additionally.

In Europe the NATO military is with regards to exhaustion, grimly protecting its flooring alongside the Elbe and Saale rivers, procuring time for the USA and Canadian four Corps to reach, yet their grit and backbone are problematical an enemy changing into ever extra determined and a finger hovers over a button marked 'Nuclear Release'.

In Russia, Svetlana has dangled herself as bait for an ex-lover and narrowly kept away from turning into sufferer in their vengence for you to examine the Premiers position, however the protection Forces are ultimate in and the 'Ex' isn't performed together with her but.

In Asia the golf green Berets, SAS Mountain Troop and the Royal Marines Mountain & Arctic war Cadre are fighting the elements, the mountains and the enemy in an effort to achieve the chinese language ICBM silos and house centre. In Australia, not going allies sign up for to confront one million guy invading military, while within the Pacific the USA army and HMS Hood have to locate and damage China's ballistic missile submarine 'Xia'.

And what additionally of normal Henry Shaw, usa Marine Corps? The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs believes that underhanded dealings and soiled tips can be used at the enemy, now not your personal humans.



“Aircraft motion, forward!” a lookout screamed.

The moment plane additionally got here in from the course of the sea, yet a scant hundred ft above the bushes, its wings tilting because it the lie of the river, the bomb bay doorways gaping open.

The sound of the Rolls Royce engines passing above them and the roar of Bao’s and Dai’s 23mm automated cannon’s made Li balk yet his eyes didn't depart the 2 falling items, blunt nosed intensity fees, now not tumbling yet semi stabilised, oscillating on the finned tails as they fell at an perspective in the direction of their goal.

Tracer chased the Atlantique, spent 23mm shell circumstances rattled and rang opposed to the steel deck.

_ _ _

“What, could I ask, does basic Allain intend to do approximately that?” The President on earlier than Henry may solution. “There is simply a cobbled jointly, infantry heavy department sat within the means of god is familiar with what percentage tanks so does he truthfully think that would carry them till our new Corps arrives at the scene?” with that he sat upright and raised a espresso mug to his lips whereas he waited for the answer.

Henry spoke back with 4 words.

With a giggle that despatched espresso splashing around the papers in entrance of him, the President choked in mid swallow.


“He’s going to attack.” Henry repeated.

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