Fifty Shades of Louisa May: A Memoir of Transcendental Sex

Fifty Shades of Louisa May: A Memoir of Transcendental Sex

L. M. Anonymous

throughout the fresh renovations of the Orchard condominium in harmony, Massachusetts—home of the famed Alcott family—workmen repairing rotting beams stumbled on a handwritten manuscript tightly rolled right into a bottle and buried within the earthen flooring of what was the basis cellar. Conservators from Harvard University’s Peabody Museum date the manuscript from the overdue 1800s. even supposing the identify web page bears no signature, there will be little question of its authenticity or its author.

The textual content, released for the 1st time, will doubtless offend scholars—while shooting the prurient mind's eye of many readers. The author’s precise objective is misplaced to us, keep for tricks all through suggesting that scripting this mémoire d’amour served as a cathartic workout. merely the manuscript continues to be, and it truly is provided in unexpurgated shape here.

Louisa may possibly Alcott, writer of the vintage Little ladies, consort of Emerson, Thoreau and Hawthorne, loved icon of professors of yankee 19th-century literature and maybe much less enjoyed via their legions of scholars, had a lusty facet that was once much less educational, and extra . . . transcendental than any folks knew.

Brilliantly penned by way of a well known author who prefers the cloak of anonymity to the vulgar embody of impolite status (of which s/he has no need), this hilarious little booklet unearths the unbridled passion-that-might-have-been of 1 of the world’s hottest authors.

A vividly written tome that simply could let us know extra concerning the sowing of transcendental wild oats than any ream of volumes at the topic, Fifty colors of Louisa could isn't really for the vulnerable of paintings, or should you desire their literary icons below glass. It imagines an unhinged Melville doing what comes evidently, a Centennial Ball not like any heretofore defined, Louisa May’s ardent encounters together with her “Wooden Friend,” and masses, even more.

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