Falling Into the Fire: A Psychiatrist's Encounters with the Mind in Crisis

Falling Into the Fire: A Psychiatrist's Encounters with the Mind in Crisis

Christine Montross

Falling Into the fireplace is psychiatrist Christine Montross’s considerate research of the gripping sufferer encounters that experience challenged and deepened her perform. the vast majority of the sufferers Montross treats in Falling Into the Fire are obvious within the locked inpatient wards of a psychiatric medical institution; all are in moments of profound problem. We meet a tender girl who habitually commits self-injury, having ingested mild bulbs, a field of nails, and a steak knife, between different gadgets. Her repeated visits to the clinic incite the disappointment of the employees, top Montross to envision how emotion can intrude with right care. a contemporary university graduate, wearing a tunic and pointing out that love emanates from every little thing round him, is dropped at the ER by means of his involved female friend. Is it ecstasy or psychosis? What criminal skill do medical professionals need to hospitalize—and occasionally medicate—a sufferer opposed to his will? a brand new mom is admitted with incessant visions of harming her baby. Is she psychotic and a probability or does she be afflicted by obsessive techniques? Her process treatment—and her child’s future—depends upon no matter if she gets the right kind diagnosis.

Each case learn provides its personal line of inquiry, best Montross to hunt suitable psychiatric wisdom from diversified resources. a physician of unusual interest and compassion, Montross discovers classes in medieval dancing plagues, in prime forensic and neurological learn, and in moments from her personal lifestyles. fantastically written, deeply felt, Falling Into the Fire brings us contained in the doctor’s brain, illuminating the grave human bills of psychological affliction in addition to the demanding situations of analysis and treatment.

Throughout, Montross confronts the bigger query of psychiatry: what's to be performed while a patient’s studies can't be accounted for, or helped, through what modern medication is familiar with concerning the mind? whilst all else fails, Montross unearths, what is still is the capability to abide, to take a seat with the determined of their darkest moments. straight away rigorous and meditative, Falling Into the Fire is an intimate portrait of psychiatry, permitting the reader to witness the humanity of the perform and the iconic mysteries of the brain

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