Faery Realms: Ten Magical Titles: Multi-Author Bundle of Novels & Novellas (Faery Worlds Book 2)

Faery Realms: Ten Magical Titles: Multi-Author Bundle of Novels & Novellas (Faery Worlds Book 2)

Rachel Morgan, Alexia Purdy, Julia Crane, Talia Jager, Anthea Sharp

Enter the mystical nation-states of Faery with those ten award-winning, bestselling myth authors. each one name during this sampler assortment deals a brand new and diversified international packed with secret, love, and so much of all, fae enchantment~

Over 1400 pages of news - jointly, those books have over three hundred five-star reports on Amazon.
Best for a while thirteen and up~

Kickbutt faerie Violet is ready to graduate because the most sensible mother or father trainee of her category, but if an task is going flawed and the human boy she's intended to be preserving follows her again into the fae realm, a perilous plot is decided in movement. (298 pages)

THE WITHERING PALACE (A darkish Faerie story 0.1) - ALEXIA PURDY 
Untold darkness principles the Unseelie realm of the Land of Faerie. Hidden during this substantial region, Aveta, the longer term queen of the Unseelie military, perfects her presents over lifetimes. studying that magic is not the basically approach to manage the area round her, this naive woman grows right into a girl of power and crafty, eventually changing into some of the most feared leaders in Faerie. (75 pages)

Rylie's lifestyles is grew to become the wrong way up while a stranger knocks at the door, claiming to be her actual mom. quickly she's going to need to face the terrifying indisputable fact that not just is she a faery, yet person who has been promised to the darkish prince. (240 pages) 

FEYLAND: the 1st experience - ANTHEA SHARP USA this present day Bestselling Author
High-tech gaming and historic magic collide whilst a working laptop or computer online game opens a gateway to the treacherous Realm of Faerie. Jennet Carter by no means inspiration hacking into her dad's new epic-fantasy sim-game will be so exciting... or risky. yet in the back of the interface, darkish forces lie in wait, prime her towards a conflict that may try her to her limits and value her greater than she ever imagined. (65 pages)

Unjustly sentenced to dying, Eilidh ran--away from faerie lands to the streets of Perth, Scotland. while she discovers a human murdered via considered one of her personal style, she needs to pick out: flee, or discover ways to faucet into the forbidden magic that expense her every thing. (264 pages)

HOOD & FAE (Daughters of pink using Hood) - TARA MAYA 
Roxy Hood is simply attempting to make ends meet to pay her mom's scientific money owed. certain, Roxy takes on a few jobs of, ahem, doubtful integrity, like pretending that she will communicate to the useless. yet hello, that is innocuous. it isn't like a malignant ghoul goes to assault her. Or a horny billionaire will appear attempting to purchase her pink jacket. Or a werewolf will assault Granny Rose. simply because that might be whacked. (100 pages)

THE darkish FAE - TERRY SPEAR USA at the present time Bestselling Author
Alicia can realize the mischievous fae after they appear to "play" with the people. in simple terms now she's confronted with one hugely frustrated darkish fae and she's yes he is familiar with the reality approximately her. she will be able to see him, this means that her lifestyles is forfeit. (184 pages)

Cade MacRoich is Ehríad, an outcast of Eile. whereas searching Otherworldly monsters within the mortal global, he discovers Meghan, a tender girl whose magic turns out very general ... 3 scenes from Faelorehn - booklet one of many Otherworld Trilogy, advised from Cade's point of view. (84 pages)

Harmony's existence is just not the same... each day is simply as common, and simply as dull, because the one earlier than it... after which the Carnival involves city. all of sudden, Harmony's small city global is overtaken through the good-looking Kieran and he or she discovers that no longer all fairy stories are fake. (140 pages) 

FAE HORSE: A Faery story - ANTHEA SHARP USA at the present time Bestselling Author
Accused as witch, Eileen needs to flee for her existence, leaving her village and real love at the back of. together with her pursuers remaining in, she probabilities throughout a wierd black horse who o

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