Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion

Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion

Gregg Akkerman

In 1980, Led Zeppelin officially disbanded following the demise of drummer John Bonham. but over 3 decade, the track, the mystique, and the legacy of this mythical rock act lives on. Reissues in their tune promote within the hundreds of thousands, whereas rumors of reunion excursions proceed to impress lovers around the globe. some of the solo initiatives pursued through the 3 surviving members—Jimmy web page, Robert Plant, and John Paul Jones—will perpetually reside the shadow of the blinding gentle they generated as Led Zeppelin.

In Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion, musician and author Gregg Akkerman appears backstage of "rock gods" sensationalism at this appearing act's musical legacy via their studio and dwell recordings. Drawing on his decades as a rock musician and song pupil, Akkerman peeks less than the hood to provide an explanation for not only the while and the the place of Led Zeppelin's track, however the why. placing readers correct there, within the occasions and areas the place the band used to be recording and appearing its iconic numbers, Akkerman is the voice whispering within the ear of somebody drawn to figuring out how Led Zeppelin's song works.

Experiencing Led Zeppelin: A Listener's Companion is for the die-hard Led Zeppelin fan and the first-timer simply researching the brilliance of this tremendous band.

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