Ends and Means: An Inquiry into the Nature of Ideals

Ends and Means: An Inquiry into the Nature of Ideals

Aldous Huxley

Contemporary intellectuals nonetheless fight over the connection of ends to ability, particularly in political discourse. Pacifism continues to be a major subject this present day, as terrorism and dictatorial states abound. Many will locate solace in Ends and Means, whereas others will locate the booklet just a case examine of the connection of ethics to politics.

Aldous Huxley examines universal matters in a different style. How can the regression in charity wherein we live, and for which each and every one among us is in a few degree in charge, be halted and reversed? How can present society be remodeled into the perfect society defined by means of the prophets? How can the typical sensual guy and the phenomenal (and extra risky) formidable guy be remodeled right into a non-attached being, person who can create a society much better than our own?

Huxley discusses the connection among the theories and the practices of reformers and the character of the universe. He argues that our ideals concerning the final nature of fact aid us formulate conceptions of correct and fallacious, not just in our deepest lifestyles, but additionally within the sphere of politics and economics. faraway from being inappropriate, our philosophical ideals are the ultimate picking out consider our activities. This provocative vintage quantity, now on hand in paperback, will proceed to stimulate dialogue and thought.

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