Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, Book 5)

Enchanters' End Game (The Belgariad, Book 5)

David Eddings


The quest used to be over. The Orb of Aldur used to be restored. And once more, with the crowning of Garion, there has been a descendant of Riva Iron-grip to rule as Overlord of the West.

But the Prophecy used to be unfulfilled. within the east, the evil God Torak used to be approximately to rouse and search dominion. by some means, Garion needed to face the God, to kill or be killed. at the consequence of that dread duel rested the future of the realm. Now, observed via his grandfather, the traditional sorcerer Belgarath, Garion headed towards town of unending evening, the place Torak awaited him.

To the south, his fiancée, the princess Ce'Nedra, led the armies of the West in a determined attempt to divert the forces of Torak's fans from the fellow she loved.

The Prophecy drove Garion on. however it gave no solution to the query that haunted him: How does a guy kill an immortal God?

Here is the bright end to the epic of The Belgariad, which started in Pawn of Prophecy--a novel of destiny, unusual lands, and a Prophecy that needs to be fulfilled--the answer of the conflict of fellows, Kings, and Gods that had spanned seven thousand years!

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