Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain

Emperor Mollusk versus The Sinister Brain

A. Lee Martinez

Emperor Mollusk.

Intergalactic threat. Destroyer of Worlds. Conqueror of alternative Worlds. Mad Genius. Ex-Warlord of Earth.

Not undesirable for a man and not using a spine.

But what is a villain to do after he is performed . . . every little thing. with out new goals, he is chuffed to pitch in and resolve the power drawback or repel alien invaders may still the necessity come up, but when he had his manner, he'd wish to be left on my own to discover the limits of risky technology. simply as a pastime, of course.

Retirement isn't really effortless notwithstanding. If the boredom does not get him, there is continually the Venusians. Or the Saturnites. Or the Mercurials. Or . . . good, you get the belief. If that wasn't undesirable sufficient, there is additionally the assassins of a mythical dying cult and an up-and-coming megalomaniac (as marvelous as he's bodiless) who've marked Emperor for his or her personal nefarious reasons. yet Mollusk isn't really approximately to allow the Earth slip out of his personal tentacles and into the fewer able clutches of one other. So it is time to dirt off the outdated dying ray and are available out of retirement. other than this time, he is not out to rule the realm. he is out to put it aside from the peril of THE SINISTER mind!

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