Emerald Queen (A Vieux Carré Romance)

Emerald Queen (A Vieux Carré Romance)

Karen Jones Delk

bought a 4 superstar "Rave assessment" from the Romantic Times!

By Karen Jones Delk, writer of THE BRIDE rate, comes a gripping story of ardour and love...

Simone Devereaux is the emerald-eyed hoyden of the Vieux Carré, mysterious queen of a steamboat empire, chateleine of a grand plantation.

Arrogant Marcel vows to have her, to break an individual who stands in his way--even Simone herself. Genteel Alain swears he will flip the spitfire right into a girl, yet in its place, his ardour makes a lady of her. Steamboat captain Tom, l'américain, bargains Simone an unforeseen safe haven, an remarkable partnership-- and his heart.

Yet the attractive Simone will belong to nobody, except he actually loves her for herself -- and perpetually.

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