Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel

Elvis in Jerusalem: Post-Zionism and the Americanization of Israel

Tom Segev, Haim Watzman

“Sharp, clear-eyed interpretations of Zionism’s winding prior and unstable current and the moving items of Israeli society.” —The big apple instances e-book Review

Tom Segev, Israel’s best-known journalist-historian, right here confronts adored assumptions concerning the nation this present day, within the technique tipping a few sacred cows. Drawing on own adventure in addition to every kind of artifacts from Israeli well known culture—shopping shops, quickly foodstuff, public paintings, tv, spiritual kitsch—he places ahead his debatable view that the sweeping Americanization of the rustic, rued by way of such a lot, has had a very worthy effect, bringing not just McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts however the virtues of pragmatism, tolerance, and individualism. leaping into the fierce ideological conflict over the way forward for Zionism, Segev welcomes the diffusion of ideology that has taken position within the final decade because the harbinger of a brand new spirit of compromise and openness.

At a time of problem, as Israelis and Palestinians retreat to their so much embattled positions, Segev’s sharp, colourful, and provocative e-book is sparking heated debate.

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