El Gavilan

El Gavilan

Craig McDonald

The information is stuffed with it: escalating tensions from unlawful immigration; headless our bodies placing off bridges and bounties put on lawmen on either side of the border. New Austin, Ohio, is a city grappling with waves of undocumented employees who exert super strain on colleges, police and town prone. in the course of the turmoil, 3 very other kinds of police officers scramble to keep up regulate and impose order.

But the rape-murder of a Mexican-American lady triggers a brutal chain of occasions that threatens to go away no survivors. El Gavilan is a unique of transferring alliances and whiplash switchbacks. households are divided and careers and lives threatened. Friendships and beliefs are confirmed and budding amorous affairs challenged. With its topical issues, shades-of-gray characters and darkish canvas, El Gavilan is a singular for our charged times.

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