Einstein's God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit

Einstein's God: Conversations About Science and the Human Spirit

Krista Tippett

Albert Einstein didn't think in a private God. And his well-known quip that "God doesn't play cube with the universe" was once an announcement approximately quantum physics, now not a press release of religion. yet he did depart at the back of a desirable, mostly forgotten legacy of musings and writings-some severe, a few whimsical-about the connection among technological know-how and faith and his personal inquisitive reverence for the "order deeply hidden in the back of everything". Einstein's self-described "cosmic non secular experience" is intriguingly suitable with twenty-first-century sensibilities. And it's the start line for Einstein's God.

Drawn from American Public Media's outstanding application Speaking of Faith, the conversations during this profoundly illuminating booklet discover an rising interface of inquiry-if no longer answers-between many fields of technological know-how, drugs, theology and philosophy. In her interviews with such luminaries as Freeman Dyson, Paul Davies, V. V. Raman, and Mehmet oz., Krista Tippett attracts out the connections among those geographical regions, displaying how even these such a lot wedded to tough truths locate religious enlightenment within the lifetime of test and, in flip, increase questions which are richly theologically evocative. even if she is talking with celebrated healthcare professional and writer Sherwin Nuland concerning the biology of the human spirit or wondering Darwin biographer James Moore approximately his subject's spiritual ideals, Tippett bargains a unprecedented examine the way in which our greatest minds grapple with the questions for which all of us search answers.

Krista Tippett's latest book, Becoming Wise, should be released on April five, 2016.

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