A whimsical, touching tale approximately loneliness, friendship and wish ...

Vivian does not believe like she matches in -- by no means has -- simply because, she believes, she is a changeling, a fairy left on the earth to be raised via people. Now, as an grownup dwelling by myself in a home in Dublin left to her by way of her nice aunt, she longs to come to the "other global" the place she feels she particularly belongs. the object is, she's uncertain the place the portal to fairy land is, so she's compelled to go looking Dublin.

That regimen, meticulously mapped out on parchment paper, takes her all around the urban, and into encounters with nosy neighbours, persnickety social staff, and her condescending older sister, additionally named Vivian -- the Vivian, in truth, whom she used to be imagined to exchange. yet Vivian's OCD-like traits make these encounters particularly strained, so she's left to her personal units as she searches for a way domestic -- and makes lists in her magazine, retailers for the most staple of her vitamin, sweet, and posts 'wanted' ads for an individual keen to be her pal as long as they're named Penelope. 

In the tip, Caitriona Lally bargains readers an exhilaratingly clean tackle the Irish love for lyricism, humor, and artistic wordplay in a e-book that's, in itself, deeply captivating, and deeply relocating.

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