Eel (Animal)

Eel (Animal)

Richard Schweid

whilst pulled from the dust of creeks, ponds, rivers, or the ocean, the eel, with its slick, snake-like physique, emerges as an exceptionally mundane or even unappealing fish. yet don't permit the looks idiot you—the eel has been one of many world's favourite meals considering historic Greece, and the eel's lifestyles cycle is without doubt one of the such a lot awesome at the planet—during the center a while, impoverished Londoners survived on eel and the eel later kept the Mayflower pilgrims from hunger on American shores.

In Eel, Richard Schweid chronicles the numerous elements of those slippery creatures from their normal historical past to their industry price and modern intake to their visual appeal in artwork and literature and eventually to their current threatened prestige. thus far, eels have steadfastly refused to breed in captivity, it seems that requiring the vastness of the open ocean to effectively mature—which has imperiled the species' long term survival. Schweid explains that freshwater eels are born in distant ocean depths and take a trip of millions of miles to clean water the place they spend so much in their lives sooner than making a comeback trip to the sea to mate and die.

Well-illustrated and containing many little-known proof approximately this stunning fish, Eel will entice basic readers of usual background and others wishing to find anything extra concerning the universal unagi at the sushi menu.

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