Duties of People Towards the Imam (as)

Duties of People Towards the Imam (as)

Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani - XKP

This is compulsory in keeping with texts (Quran and Hadith), and reason.

Rational evidence: The Imam of the Time (aj) is a advisor and a pace-setter whose obedience is obligatory and it is crucial to acknowledge adequately one whose obedience is obligatory. in order that if anyone lays a fake declare to be that chief, he might be uncovered without delay and we will now not be faulty via his fake propaganda. hence the popularity (Marefat) of the Imam of the Time (aj) is compulsory and it's also compulsory to benefit approximately his particular features in order that if a fake claimant of Mahdaviyat appears to be like we will be able to, without delay, detect his falsehood. extra information will are available the arriving pages, Insha Allah.

Textual facts: Shaykh Sadooq (r.a.) has recorded a practice of Imam Musa Kazim (a) that he stated, “One who doubts approximately 4 issues has denied every little thing printed through Allah. this sort of being the Marefat of the Imam of age.”



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