The Drums of War

The Drums of War

Edward Marston

We stumble upon our hero, Captain Rawson, deep contained in the war-ravaged borders of Europe, as he fights along the courageous and resolute Earl of Marlborough in defeating the, self-proclaimed, ‘invincible’ French military. but victory is brief lived, blunted by means of the dissenting voices of the Dutch, who secretly search to strive against the ability and existence from Rawson’s compatriot, Marlborough.

In those antagonistic and insecure instances, Captain Rawson is termed directly to reach his largest, so much bold project so far: the rescue of a celebrated tapestry-maker became secret agent from contained in the fortified Bastille – the satisfaction of a despotic France. Now on my own at the back of enemy-lines, the undaunted Rawson needs to observe all his guile and wit in his rescuing of the popular prisoner and his appealing daughter, Amalia – a fragile woman to whom Rawson’s friendship quickly blossoms into whatever more.

However, unbeknownst to Rawson the French and Dutch have already mixed to devise either the assassination of Marlborough and the reclaiming of his strength. This time Europe is starting to shut in on him, and it'll take all of his self-sacrifice, ability and sincerity to once more rescue the battle and the army’s delight from out of the clutches of the betrayers.

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