Dreaming the Divine: Techniques for Sacred Sleep

Dreaming the Divine: Techniques for Sacred Sleep

Scott Cunningham

Dreaming the Divine by Scott Cunningham (previously released as Sacred Sleep: desires & the Divine) is essentially the most precise books ever released on goals. such a lot specialists agree that goals are extremely important for these on a non secular course. This booklet indicates you the way to push past the limits of standard dreaming, and introduces you to the idea that of constructing sleep a non secular act.

This technique is named "dream incubation" or "sacred sleep." The approach was once practiced in dream temples round the historic global, together with these in Egypt, Babylon, Greece, and Rome. Dream incubation is the method of making sacred desires for a selected objective: therapeutic, suggestion, glimpses of the long run, safeguard, belief of youngsters, conflict plans, and a bunch of different purposes. you can now study this system in Dreaming the Divine.

Tucked inside of this booklet, you will find useful and straightforward recommendations for receiving sacred messages on your desires, together with:
- find out how to arrange for sacred sleep
- Dream rituals and spells to accomplish your sacred sleep objectives
- The meanings of dream symbols noticeable in the course of sacred sleep
- Dream messengers and deities from a number of cultures
- traditional sleep-inducing suggestions together with prayer, targeted baths, precise meals to devour and others to prevent, herb teas, scented pillows, aromatherapy, and a number of other others
- how you can take into accout and list your sacred sleep desires.

Seeking communion with the divine via goals is among the oldest varieties of own spirituality. Sacred sleep is a technique to take away spirituality from the palms of the "experts" and position it the place it belongs: within the hearts, minds, and desires of daily humans. Get Dreaming the Divine and make your dreamtime particular.

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