Jill Barnett

Romantic Times hails Jill Barnett as "a precise new famous person of the genre!" Unfailingly enticing and unique, she now concocts one other successful story in which a obdurate lord and a high-spirited lass are locked in a conflict of wills...and on a collision direction with love.

so much English women meet their heart's wish throughout a crowded ballroom or in a genteel parlor. Letitia Olive Hornsby reveals hers while she knocks him right into a river. A curly-haired, blue-eyed hellion of merely 11, she comes to a decision even then that Richard, the rushing, good-looking, and absolutely disreputable son of the Earl of Downe, is the white knight of her desires.

Now absolutely grown and all of sudden attractive, Letty is spinning a plan to save lots of Richard from himself...by marrying him, in fact. And he quickly has the bruises to end up it. The unbearable, albeit unforgettable, chit has come again into Richard's existence with a crash -- actually falling into his hands. he's struck via her softness, her dizzying smell, and her very unlikely meddling in his ruinous ingesting, playing, and amorous liaisons. but if destiny makes them prisoners of a hoop of risky smugglers, Richard discovers in his mischievous cellmate a natural, romantic, questing spirit that sparks a flame in his personal shadowed middle. If in simple terms they could break out, a wondrous ardour can blaze free...and they could discover a lifetime's adventures in each one other's arms.

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