Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to St. George (Myths and Legends)

Dragonslayers: From Beowulf to St. George (Myths and Legends)

Joseph McCullough

From legend and mythology to The Hobbit and A online game of Thrones, the dragon is a perennial favourite within the delusion genre.

With its fiery breath, scaly armour, and baleful, malevolent stare, the dragon grew to become the final word image of evil and corruption in eu folklore and mythology. frequently serving as a stand-in for devil, or the ability of evil gods, dragons unfold demise and hopelessness through the land. in basic terms heroes of unusual valour, courageousness, and purity may desire to conflict those monsters and emerge successful. those who did grew to become legends. They turned dragonslayers. The record of dragonslayers is small, however it is full of nice and mythical names.

Hercules, Beowulf, Cuchulain, Sigfried, Lancelot, and Saint George all battled to the dying with dragons. different heroes similar to the Danish King Frotho, the French Saint Mercurialis, the Polish champion Krak, and the Russian warrior Dobrynya Nikitch will be much less renowned to western readers, but in addition fought and defeated dragons. This publication will retell the best legends of this decide on staff of warriors, whereas reading the parable of the dragonslayer in a ancient, mythological, or even theological context.

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